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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 50
Registered: ‎02-16-2009
Accepted Solution

Simplate if syntax

Hello All,

     I'm trying to customize the account simplate to only show a value if another value meets specific criteria. I expect the syntax to follow something like the phone and fax if statements in the saleslogix sample customization:

'{% if ($.Fax) { %}',
                            '{%: $$.faxAbbreviationText +$.Fax) %}',
                    '{% } %}',


What I want to do is compare the value of the account status so for example: If $.Status == "Active RMR" then display this other value... Can anyone guide me towards some documentation, or provide the correct syntax for this?


Thanks ~ Chad

Chad Morton
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 50
Registered: ‎02-16-2009

Re: Simplate if syntax

Figured it out:


'{% if ($.Status =="Active RMR" ) { %}',
	' {%: $.Revenue %} | {%: $.CurrencyCode %}',
'{% } %}'



Chad Morton