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Riskk of using Triggers?

I’m new to SLX development (LAN Client v7.2.2) and am currently supporting a heavily customized installation that includes synchronized remote databases.  I would like to understand any risks that may occur when using triggers to calculate and update custom table fields within the SLX sysdba schema.  In particular I’m concerned this could somehow lead to a situation where the remote dbs need to be re-cut.  But, like I mentioned, the risks (if any) are not clear to me.


The new fields are not needed by remote users and are not displayed via the client.  Their primary intent is for reporting purposes (by concurrent users - using Visual Analyzer I think).  I’m creating the fields via the SLX DB admin tool so I know the field will sync to the remotes, but since the data is set from the trigger I don’t expect the values to sync out.



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Re: Riskk of using Triggers?

There certainly are risks. As you are aware:

  A -  any data changed IN SalesLogix via a trigger will not sync.. period.. since triggers do not (and cannot) communicate w/the "provider"


  B - Trigger creation does not "sync" to a remote (user or office)


  C - There's a major danger of "loosing" a trigger if you Add or Drop a field in a SalesLogix table via the SalesLogix DB manager - see:


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Re: Riskk of using Triggers?

Additionally, there is an issue with using triggers: the conflict resolution process of synchronization is based on date times of sync/TEF files and when different user's change an Account Name or what have.....triggers may upset this delicate dance of who's data change wins.


Our system doesn' t use Sync, and has many triggers on it....mostly for resumming aggregates or MAX value fields used in Business Intelligence no affect here...




Your mileage will vary....

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