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Location of panels

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Hi All,


I'm trying to see how I can add an image (company logo) to one of the forms using Architect 7.2.2. Basically the icon would be put on a panel which would be made visible/invisible.


My question is, how does one show/highlights layers of panels on the form builder screen? Right now, I can move them but that changes the exact placement. Is there a way just to give them focus by highlighting them in the properties window?



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Re: Location of panels

Yes - but if they are behind something they will NOT pop to the front. Never did.. never will.

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Re: Location of panels

If a panel is behind a panel, the panel 'in front' will block visibility to the towards the back panel(s). If you make a towards the front panel invisible, the towards the rear panels become visible to the extent that the front panel blocked the rear panels. think of these as building blocks blocking light.....



RJ Samp
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Re: Location of panels

The other thing that I noticed is the "bring to front" functionality. So once you locate the panel in your list of objects in the properties window, then if a front panel is blocking a back panel, you can bring the rear one to front. It's tricky and I still needed to move the front panels out of the way (something I was trying to avoid). But it's good to have some confirmation from the experts. Thanks guys! Smiley Happy