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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

LAN Main View Form.Post (Save Changes)

[ Edited ]

will I know that if you do a ShowViewforRecord that the form get's refreshed upon it's an F5 kind of refresh and your tab goes through an AXFormChange. AutoMagically. So if you do a




that you end up refreshing your grid SEVERAL times.


However, I didn't know that

Application.BasicFunctions.DoInvoke "FORM","family:myform"

Posted the Main View data first, then launched the form.

this is for a Data Form. If you DoInvoke a Managed form, then all is well.


Button on the Opportunity Detail view

OnClick event is the DoInvoke.


Make some changes to the ODV, Save Icon is enabled.

Click on the Button, Save icon is disabled (and the SLX Profiler.exe shows the update statement being fired off).




Interesting that if you launch the data form as a Main View object, then the Form Post does NOT occur.

Of course, many of us run an Application.BasicFunctions.RefreshMainView after firing off the Main View object, and that of course does a Form.Post first prior to refreshing the Detail, Middle, Tab, and Group Panes.

RJ Samp