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Registered: ‎08-15-2009

How to find Group ID of Account group



I am using this code to find group id


groupId = Application.BasicFunctions.GetGroupIDs("ACCOUNT", cmbGroups.Text)


But it is giving me different number all the time it runs for same group name. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.


Any ideas? it is under Saleslogix 7.5.4



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Registered: ‎04-24-2009

Re: How to find Group ID of Account group

The GetGroupIDs() function returns a string handle; it will always be different. Please see "System:Keyword Search" VBScript for an example:


Sub cmdSearchClick(Sender) 
 Dim objSearchResults 
 Dim arrIDS, arrAddHoc 
 Dim intCount 
 Dim hndGroupIDs 
 Dim i 
 Dim arrGroupIDs() 
 Dim intGroupCount 

 Dim intTable 
 Dim strList 
 Dim strGroup 

 On Error Resume Next  'Let SS Handle Error Messages 

 set objSearchResults = objSS.PerformSearch(GetIndexes, nothing, txtSearch.Text, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  arrIDs = SearchResultsAsArray(objSearchResults, GetBaseID, intCount) 

 if rgFilters.ItemIndex = 1 then 
   'get plugin list for localized display name 
   Select Case gstrMainTable 
     Case "CONTACT"       intTable = 0  'DNL 
     Case "ACCOUNT"       intTable = 1  'DNL 
     Case "OPPORTUNITY"   intTable = 2  'DNL 
   End Select 
   strList = Application.BasicFunctions.GetGroupList(intTable, 0) 
   strGroup  = Application.BasicFunctions.CSVField(strList, cboGroup.ItemIndex+1)
   hndGroupIDs = Application.BasicFunctions.GetGroupIDs(gstrMainTable, strGroup)
    intGroupCount = Application.BasicFunctions.GetGroupCount(hndGroupIDs) 
   ReDim arrGroupIDs(intGroupCount) 
   for i = 0 to intGroupCount - 1 
     arrGroupIDs(i) = Application.BasicFunctions.GetGroupValue(hndGroupIDs, i) 

   arrAddHoc = MergeArrays(IDArrayWithoutDuplicates(arrIDs, intCount), arrGroupIDs)
   arrAddHoc = IDArrayWithoutDuplicates(arrIDs, intCount) 
 end if 

 CreateAdHocGroup arrAddHoc 

 On Error Goto 0 
End Sub