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Bronze Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-09-2010

Hiding/Showing Tabs

Using Saleslogix 7.5.3, we've created a functionality for a customer called EMP which is an Account Plan that lets them set goals and manage performance.  This is a mainview, with its own set of tabs, a report, and linked to the Account that the Account Plan is relevant for.


They have a new requirement now, for an "EMP Lite".   One of the requirements of this is that if the EMP is marked as "Lite", a bunch of tabs need to be hidden from view.   But if you scroll through the EMPs (or change the status), it needs to be able to show/hide them accordingly.


Is there an easy way of doing this, dynamically adding/removing tabs from the tab view?

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Re: Hiding/Showing Tabs

There's some controversy over whether this works (lately) but try: Application.BasicFunctions.SetTabVisibleProperty "Tab Caption", false Application.BasicFunctions.SetTabVisibleProperty "PersonalSmiley Tonguelugin Name", false