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Accepted Solution

Grid Sortable and Selection



This refers to Saleslogix 7.5.2 LAN client.


When working with grids and using Grid.Selection.Add to maintain the current selection after a grid refresh, we've noticed that it works better with Grid.Sortable = TRUE.  But at the same time we've noticed that this causes grids with large amounts of data to become slower.  However, if setting Sortable = TRUE, setting the Selection, and then setting Sortable = FALSE, it seems to improve the speed of the grid.


Does this method cause any long term issues with the way the grid works, possibly leading to access errors, or can this solution be used safely?




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Re: Grid Sortable and Selection

Safe to do... not just in 7.5.2 but even the latest release.


RJSamp has done a TON of research on the grid and will probably make some comments as well ;-)

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Re: Grid Sortable and Selection

Thanks!  Smiley Happy