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Registered: ‎04-01-2009

-1 values in sData?

Hi folks,


I looked but didn't see anything in other posts regarding this nor in the KB.  We have some sData integration setup and after we run some processes that bring data into an account extension table in SLX (7.5.4), the values are all  -1.  The data being sent appears to be correct, so it seems that something is translating the data before it gets or as it gets written into SLX.  The integrator assures us that their code could not possibly be putting a -1 value instead of the value we are sending..... Is there something about SLX or sData that would substitute a -1 if the value it was recieving was not in the format expected or something like that?  (the field is just an varchar field, so it isn't as if we are sending characters to a numeric field or anything....)


Thanks for any insight you might have.