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Silver Contributor
Posts: 1,262
Registered: ‎04-08-2009

slx 7.5.3 web missing data in list view

Dear All,


Have other noticed the following in 7.5.3 Web:

If you are in the list view and have scroll bars, you can not see the last record in the group.

This happens with IE and Fire Fox.

Steps to reproduce:

Have a group with more records than what you normally see on the screen.

Scroll down to the end.

You can see for example (show records 30 - 40 of 41)

You can not scroll down to see record 41.

If sort the group in the other direction you see record 41 at the top and record 1 is missing.


A  second way to reproduce is to minimize the browser window until you get scroll bars.

The interesting thing is, that you see the last record for a moment, and then it gets lost.


Has anyone reported this to Sage and has some feedback?