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Sales Processes - skipping over stages/steps



I'm working with Sales Processes and have a question about how it's supposed to be used.  I set up a process with a few stages and steps.  Only the first step is required.  However I seem to have a problem skipping stages or steps.  I found that it doesn't really register that I've skipped a stage.  For example, if I have the following (where "Done" means I've checked off the box that this step has been completed)


Stage 1 - Product Inquiry

     Step 1 --done

Stage 2 - Demo

    Step 1

    Step 2

Stage 3 - Quote

    Step 1 --done


If I view in a group (using QueryBuilder) what stage I am at (adding Opportunity.Stage to the layout), it lists Stage 2 and not Stage 3.  I would think that I am really at Stage 3 since that's the furthest along the process I am.  Maybe I have an inquiry and don't need to have a demo before a Quote is sent and the sale won.  Shouldn't it show that I'm at Stage 3 Quote?  I don't ever want to check off all the steps or stages (I thought that's kind of the point of having the "Required" option) but maybe my mind is thinking differently than the programmers intended.  Any suggestions or comments.  I need to be able to tell where in the process an Opportunity is, but I also need to skip over sometimes unnecessary steps. 


Also is there a way to view the Steps in a Group (Query Builder)?


I'm on version 





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Re: Sales Processes - skipping over stages/steps

Kim, use the salesprocessaudit table instead - this gives a truer picture of where you are at. Beware that you'll want to skip the header/footer data in QB.