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Accepted Solution

SLX Web 7.5.1 - Group Filters

Hi All,


In the SLX Web 7.5 Client,in the list-view, how do I add a new filter to the filter tasklet on the right side?



~ Henry

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Re: SLX Web 7.5.1 - Group Filters

They are edited in the Application Architect, under each entity definition.

John Perona

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Infor CRM

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Re: SLX Web 7.5.1 - Group Filters

I created a filter on Account Entity, called Region. When I navigate to Accounts Page I need to Edit Filters in order to add my new filter to the list, but it is not saving. Every time when I navigate away from Accounts Page, my new filter gets hidden.


How do I fix this?

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Re: SLX Web 7.5.1 - Group Filters

[ Edited ]

Veronka, I expect that you have already resolved this since you posted 8 months ago. However, hopefully the following information will help someone else.


The entity filters will auto-hide themselves if something is amiss. For example, I suspect in your scenario you needed to add the Region column to the layout of your group. The filters will not work if the column being filtered is not in the layout of the current group.


Also, I have found that filters are limited in how deep you can join. You can add a Contact filter on Address.PostalCode but you cannot add a Contact filter on Account.Address.PostalCode. Both are legitimate Entity Relationships and should work but the second one does not. I am working with PostalCode as it is a property shared across multiple entities and thus a good case for my testing.


Lastly, in my filter testing I found that if I have a working Contact filter on Address.PostalCode and I add the Account.Address.PostalCode column to the layout of my group the filtering will be applied based on the Account.Address.PostalCode column. It appears that the filtering module is using the property name and not attempting to resolve the SQL Joins/Entity Relationships. I was hoping to use this to my advantage and to work around the limitations by typing in the column name rather than the Entity Property (in this case "PostalCode" versus "Address.PostalCode"). This didn't work as the Filter module knows its not a property on Contact and doesn't load the filter.

Timmus Agersea
Black Moth CRM