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New Member
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Registered: ‎10-04-2012

SLX SYNC issue, not syncing to FTP server.

Hi All new to the community.  
              We have a sync issue,
Since last Friday the sync has stopped syncing out to some FTP folders in DMZ
We created a report to look at the SLX Out, SLX in & FTP folders.

Looking at the report below, the SLX Out folder has 8.45GB of files to SYNC to the FTP Folder in DMZ
When I run a manual SYNC, at the end is starts to send out files to the FTP  folders in DMZ, some profiles sync ok. the load bar goes from 0% to 100%. On the profiles that do not sync out, it loads from 0% to 5% and jumps to next profile..!!
On a sync profile with 5 users, two users will sync out to FTP, but 3 users will not sync out.

We can fix it if we create a new Sync profile on the admin and then importing the new sync profile on to the clients.

I checked the FTP server to see if there was a limit on the folders, there is none.. 
Does anyone have any ideas to why this is happing. Its becomming a big issue.

Does the SLX SYNC, sync all files to FTP folders everytime to the DMZ. 

Have i got a problem here??

If you would like a look at the report I will attach it..SYNC FTP Report


thanks for the help

Nigel R

Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎07-04-2009

Re: SLX SYNC issue, not syncing to FTP server.

May be similar to an issue we had with a large number of file and HTTP Sync.


Try the following.

1. Move some of the files out.

2. Run the Sync.

3. Move some more files back in.

4. Repeat 2 & 3


Hope this Helps

Chris Grant
Plus Consulting
Nickel Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-30-2009

Re: SLX SYNC issue, not syncing to FTP server.

Are you running the sync service aswell as attempting the manual sync? Is it possible that the sync is taking so long due to the large amount of files, that the service is trying to run itself multiple times whilst the original sync is still taking place?


Try running the manual sync after stopping the service from running. See if that helps to clear the outfiles on the server