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Printout Contacts of One Record

Is there a way to printout all of the contacts of one record?  I got a printout of all contacts but only need to print the contacts on one record.  Thanks.
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Re: Printout Contacts of One Record

By one record, are you talking about one Account?
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Re: Printout Contacts of One Record

One way is to go to the Account screen, right-click somewhere in the gray areas, choose Copy Account Info to Clipboard, and then open Word or Notepad and paste it in.

You can paste this into an Excel spreadsheet as well, but it puts everything in the first column.  If you want to spread it out over several columns, you will have to copy each contact's set of info and use Paste Special/Transpose to automatically put the infor into separate columns.


Hope this helps, and it might not be the only way to glean out the info you are looking for.

Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Printout Contacts of One Record

Another way is to create a group and set the conditions based on the record you are trying to view, making sure you have the column layout for the information you require.  Once you have that is as easy and exporting to excel and printing.