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Copper Elite Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-26-2009

Library display issues (100 limit) in Web Client

In the web client (running v8.0 with latest updates) the Library only seems to display 100 files in the file list area.


It seems related to Issue 13092305 (listed below) but this issue does not mention the file display panel.


To replicate: in the web client as Admin drag and drop 200 files into the Library within one folder.  After upload only the first 100 are displayed and you cannot scroll/refresh to display the remaining.  The files are in the Library and display in the Windows client all ok.


My quick testing I was also able to replicate this behaviour in 8.1 - I have not yet tested the folder issue in 8.1.


Has anyone else experienced this, and is it a display setting that can be manually modified?




Simon Watson



Issue #: 13092305

Symptom: The Library section of the Web Client does not display more than 100 folders.
Expected Behavior: The Library section displays all folders established in the Administrator

Cause or Steps to Reproduce:
Create a series of folders in the Administrator, any number of levels, until you have 100 of them. Verify you can see all of these folders in the Web Client.
Begin adding folders in the Administrator, preferrably near the top of a second or third level set, and refresh the Web Client periodically. As folders are added at a certain level, the bottom-most folders will no longer display in the Web Client.

Solution or Workaround or Status: This has been fixed in Saleslogix 8.1