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Copper Elite Contributor
Posts: 70
Registered: ‎04-30-2009

Insert Page postback takes minutes to return

On the Out-of-box insert opp page, if you add a product, in separate instances, by the time you add the 6th product spearately, the response time on the postback starts to delay heavily by tens of seconds. This causes the system to be unusable, as users are waiting minutes at a time for a simple query to run.


Why is this happening? and what can we do to fix? It looks like the first few times it runs the post back event, it runs fast and smooth. However, after 5-6 executions, it slows down heavily.


This seems to be a problem with SLX design in general, as I have also added a grid to my insert account page, and have noticed the same issue. By the time I use my AddEdit form to add items to my grid during the insert of an account, by the time I add my 4th and 5th item, the popupview takes forever  to close and return to the add account page.



Any thoughts?