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Domain Login for SLX Web

Is it possible to configure SLX Web to prompt the user for a Windows Domain login rather than an SLX login?


I know that LAN and Web can be configured to bypass the login screen when launched within a session run by a user who is mapped to an SLX login in administrator.  I want to know if it is possible access SLX throught the internet without having to enter a separate SLX login.  If they have to enter their domain login, that is OK.



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Re: Domain Login for SLX Web

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    Yes, this is how the Windows Authentication for SalesLogix web works. You direct the users to use the Windows.aspx instead of the defualt page (e.g. and if they are VPN'd in, they are logged in automatically like the LAN client. If they are on a public PC or not VPN'd in, then they are prompted for network credentials. After providing these, they bypass the login screen and are in SalesLogix as the SLX user that is mapped to that network user. If the user is not mapped, then they are presented with the 'normal' login page prompting for SalesLogix user and pass.




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Re: Domain Login for SLX Web

HI All:

I have set up the network integration to the active directory and on the network version, it will atuomaticilly log  me in on the network version, so I believe that is working properly.  However, on the Web version, from the screen it prompts me for my domain credential, and once supplied, it takes me to the regular SLX web login page, asking for my SLX creds.  I was hoping to have this as a single sign on, and not prompt for two different user name and passwords, just the one, like the way it works on the network, and the way it seems like it is supposed to work on web version.  What am I doing wrong or what addtional steps do I need to take?


Thanks in advance: