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Difference between Activity and personal activity

Now, we are customizing the SLX Web Client and I was was now wondering, that i can schedule an activity and a personal activity.

What is the deifference between both of them?

Thanks you for the reply....



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Re: Difference between Activity and personal activity

Personal Activity is just an Activity type and has been part of SalesLogix WIndows/LAN all along - The Web just provides a "like-for-like.

Personal Type in Windows/LAN is a bit stripped down and only has:

     Start date/time, timeless, alarm, duration, Name, Account, Regarding (It's own picklist), Notes, Priority, Leader.

     Three tabs: general Recurring, Attachments


   NOTE: In The LAN/Web, The Name can ONLY be a Contact - there's no Contact/Lead choice liek teh web.. BUT you can easily "fix" this missing capability. Web also lets you associate an Opportunity and/or Ticket - which really does not fit the profile "of Personal" and  we took it out of our web version to make it work like WIndows/LAN.


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Re: Difference between Activity and personal activity

Additionally, the seruity difference is a "Personal" Activity can only be seen by you.  It is not shown to others in your team.

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