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Bronze Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-01-2009

Crystal Report doesn't show text for single user

Hi folks,


We are running SLX 7.2.2.  We have a custom Crystal Report that produces nicely formated quotes. Every quote has an "demo equipment" note at the top. If the user running the report adds no comments of their own, a standard "some demo equipment is available" type statement prints. If they add their own "Demo Note", then the standard note is replaced by their note. This all works great. 


I have one user (me) that no longer ever gets the standard demo note. Nothing prints (and the area where it should print is used by other notes moving up). If I add my own custom Demo Note, it prints fine. If I remove it, the standard one does not print.  This happens on both new records and existing records. Everything else in the report prints without any issues. If I log in as admin, the standard note prints. If I log in as another user, the standard demo note prints. If I use a different machine to access SLX, the results are the same, no standard demo note.


I am baffled. Can you think of any reason this one line of text would not print for a single user?