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Copy Contact

I need to be able to copy a contact from one account to multiple other accounts. Is there an easy way to do this that I'm not seeing?

I can write the SQL to insert a new contact to those accounts, but I'm not sure how to generate a new ContactId?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Re: Copy Contact

Winout customization, in the LAN client you can go to the contact and choose Edit-->Move and change the move options to copy.  It copies to one account at a time so to do multiple accounts, it will take a bit of work.
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Re: Copy Contact

As Martin says.. you can do it vis the GUI (I also posted a response to your post on ITTollbox as well ;-)


You can use the SlxProfier to watch the built in copy to see what it does. However, It's not recommeneed to do it in "SQL" but as ADO recordsets. The code - VBScript (Copy Contact) is available for you to look at as well. 

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