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Registered: ‎04-14-2009

Citrix Mandatory Profiles



We have a client who is running SLX 7.5.2 and they are rolling out some users via Citrix, they want to use mandatory profiles however they are having problems getting reporting to work, essentially the SalesLogix\Reports folders are not created under my documents thus the reports do not run.


All works fine when logging on with a local or roaming profile, I am not too familiar with mandatory profiles and am sure this is a permissions issue, however as all works fine when logged on with a local and roaming profile, I am unsure what permissions could be causing this.


My initial thoughts were Crystal in the system32 folder, the documentation states 

Copy the contents of the Business Objects folder from the

Windows folder to the Windows Folder\System 32.

I tried this without success, however I also need clarification on what should be copied to the system32 folder as  in older versions you needed to copy the contents of the Crystal folder, not the directories.


Can anyone confirm what should be copied to the system32 folder, the documentation states copy .


Can anyone also advise if they have used mandatory profiles successfully.


Any advice appreciated.