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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 77
Registered: ‎07-28-2009

Bug in SLX 7.52 web group builder with literals like :userid

I've come across a bug with the Group builder on SLX 7.52 web. It has to do with using the :userid literal with text fields that are not SLX StandardID (12 chars).


For example, on the 7.5.2 LAN client we can add a condition to a group as follows


Field: AKA

Condition: equals

Value: :userid

Case Sensitive - Checked

Use value as Literal - Checked


However this does not work on the web client. The web client only lets you use the :userid literal as long as you are comparing with a SLX StandardID (12 char string) field. For example CREATEUSER = :userid works, but AKA = :userid does not.


Further, if you try to compare with a field that is not a 12 character SLX Standard ID, it does not save the group condition, nor does it give any message/error. It appears to work but when you edit the group again you'll notice that your condition was not saved.


Also when you add the condition and if you view the group's SQL query you get:

Error: List index out of bounds (0)


Is this a known issue?