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Adding Action (email) to Managing Sales Process Steps Pick List

Using 7.2v.  Am adding new Sales Process & updating existing one.   Have logged on as Administrator; accessed Tools->Manage->Sales Processes.  Created new process, created stages of new process, moved on to creating steps of stages.  Would like to have an Action that triggers an email prompt/window to open up as part of the step completion.  Existing actions =  None, Mail Merge, Basic Script, From , Phone call, To-Do, Meeting, Literature Request, Contact Process, & Activity Note Pad.


The closest thing I have found is the TO-DO action which allows me to add a note with instructions to click the INVITE CONTACT button on the bottom - which does open up an email window, but it contains my How-To notes from the TO-DO action window in the body of the email.


Is there an existing action I am missing that just opens an email window when you click on the Step Hyperlink?  Or, can an action be added to the pick list of Sales Processes?  I looked at the options of Managing Pick LIsts but could not even begin to identify which of the tabs (SalesLogix, Custom, Plug-Ins), let alone the items in each of the tabs that were the ACTIONS pick list for Sales Processes Steps.

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Re: Adding Action (email) to Managing Sales Process Steps Pick List

I believe you will have to custom code it.
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