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Bronze Super Contributor
Posts: 349
Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Unread Items

I am going to ask for this once more because I have wasted way too much time hunting for information on this site yet again. Please give us the ability to see ALL items that we have not read. The Recent Messages page is great but it does not do the job.

I have been busy working on projects the past 3 days so I have missed far more than the items included in the recent messages page. So the frustration begins as I get to navigate to every single board and hunt for the bold/unread messages. Yay - what a great use of time. At least I can find the unread items if I am willing to click through every list until the unread count reads zero.

But let's take a look at the blogs and idealogix. What am I missing? The boards tell me that I have unread items but how can I find them?

Can you guys please make this a priority and make it easier for us to participate in this community? The usability is awful. I dont mean to hurt feelings folks but our time is valuable. If you want us to continue to contribute you need to make it easier.
Timmus Agersea
Black Moth CRM
Posts: 334
Registered: ‎11-05-2008

Re: Unread Items

Hi Timmus,


Thank you so much for your comments - it is always appreciated when you express your frustrations with and ideas for improving the community.  No hurt feelings here! 


We feel your pain and have the same frustrations.  We have communicated this to our software provider, Lithium, many times.  When you posted this latest request I forwarded it off to Lithium for their comments.  I was pleased to hear that they are addressing this issue in the near future with their newest version. Here's what our Customer Service Manager relayed to me; "We’ve certainly taken feedback like this to heart. As part of our upcoming incremental improvement process to version 9 we will be adding an “Unread Discussions” component.".  


Lithium is working to bring all their customers onto this new version and we are in queue and should have this upgrade implemented in the near future.  This version won't solve all of our pains, but a couple of them.


Please keep the ideas flowing and I'll keep passing them along to Lithium.



Tawny Mergel

Community Manager