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Registered: ‎04-01-2009

Sage support web site.

Okay, this isn't directly related to this forum, but as a SalesLogix / Sage customer, I am absolutely furious and as a Saleslogix customer, I uset the Sage Customer Portal for support!  The Sage customer Portal has to be absolutely the most useless, unusable piece of .. art.... that I have come across in years! 


I would vent there, but the contact Sage button doesn't do anything, nor do most of the other things in the customer portal. Everything is so slow that it times out, or the links don't actually open anything, buttons do nothing. You are a technology company! How can you possibly allow such garbage to be out in the public domain with your name on it, especially as it is supposed to be a technical support web site! It seems like it was designed by drunken monkeys. I'd fire the entire lot of people responsible for that piece. I wouldn't even allow that to be in my test environment because it is not good enough to have been allowed to actually get out of a development environment into a test area. 


I think you should just turn it off. Just bring the whole useless site down. That would at least save customers from having to waste their valuable time going to it. 


This forum and web site on the other hand is very good.  I can't imagine the people responsible for this site had anything to do with the other one.

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Re: Sage support web site.

You are correct on so many levels. This wasn't *ANYTHING* to do with SalesLogix Dev (but you're right about the Sage part). Unfortunately, we (as partners) and you (as customers) were dragged onto that pile of **bleep**e without any forethought or, to be frank, consultation either. If you want to go and blame someone - have a go at the SAP guys ! That is the "platform" this was moved to and, in one go, upset a lot of people. God knows who's in bed with who - but someone is rubbing their hands over the license & consulting fees. It's a "Sage Initiative". One that really brings tears to the eyes over the word initiative. I'm sorry we have to use it. I'm equally sorry you have to as well.
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Re: Sage support web site.

Agree w/all. one of the worst support sites in the internet by any vendor ever throw together

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