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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 62
Registered: ‎05-06-2010

SLX8 cloud browsers and Windows - such a difference

Our launch to SLX 8 cloud has been interesting to say the least.  It is surprising how much the browser and windows environment make an impact on things working as they should.  We all started out using FireFox 10 as the recommended optimized browser, but have found more than that impacts how things work.  We are now all in the process of upgrading to Windows 7 and whatever browser is currently recommended so we are all the same page.  Just today I came across something that looked to be a bug, but turned out to work properly on my colleague's system (he's been upgraded already; I have not).  It does complicate things more than expected as we come across issues and have to determine if it's "just the browser/environment" or if there we've found a bug.


One of our main reasons in upgrading to the clould was access for sales people on the road or from outside the office. We didn't really consider that the browser and environment would have such an impact.   So now we also have to make sure that those on the road are accessing the system from a browser/environment that works for everything.  It's an added complexity I think should not be taken lightly when considering the cloud.