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Posts: 535
Registered: ‎03-30-2009

Marking a thread as "Read" incorrectly sets current page to "1"

Defect Description:

Using "Threaded" format for viewing board/forum content.


If I am on say... Page 13 and there is a Thread that I have not read.  I click on the first post for the Thread. I then use theThread Options to "Mark thread as Read".


The page refreshes and after that the lower left corner thinks I am on Page 1 (Jump to Page: 1 , where the number 1is larger font size indicating cuurent page number).


Note that the thread contents I am viewing are *not* page 1 - however navigating by page number functions incorrectly.  Must navigate to last Page, then try to remember what page I was on in order to get back to correct page position.



Todd Hardin
SalesLogix Professional Services Group