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Tuned Listener
Posts: 50
Registered: ‎02-09-2010

v8.1 on Server 2012



I'm running an upgraded v7.0-v8.1 instance on a new 2012 server, SQL2008 on another 2008 server. IE11


All the latest updates installed.


I've done all the usual stuff - indexing, groups, some IIS config, precompiling, speedsearch clear out, etc - but still experiencing some performance issues when navigating around the client.


Has anybody got any tips that I may not have come across? Rather vague I know but I'm clutching at straws now.


Thanks in advance.

Posts: 440
Registered: ‎05-07-2008

Re: v8.1 on Server 2012

Make sure you have the SNC 02 and Core 02, installed.  Other than that without specifics I can't help.

John Perona

Director, Infor CRM Development

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