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Tuned Listener
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Registered: ‎01-27-2010

inline datagrid editing SLXV7.5.1

ok, so I have a tabe off of account with a datagrid that allows users to add new records via a right click on the grid which fires off code to open a recordset and add the new row and refresh the grid. this works there are 2 other columns that the users has to fill in, how do I force them to fill these 2 columns in before they switch to a different account record? or am I better off using and Add/Edit view which doesn't make sense as I want them to be able to edit/add the data using the grid control.





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Re: inline datagrid editing SLXV7.5.1

[ Edited ]

I did the same stuff for Saleslogix Web Client but not using SLX gridview a pure Grid view but I was thinking for SLX grid view, Can you help me out with this.