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Tuned Listener
Posts: 18
Registered: ‎03-16-2010

Re: Web Opportunity Products Issue v.7.5.4

They don't have that right; but I thought that was for Product-level deletes; not Opportunity Product-level deletes.  The ADMIN user does have that right, and even under that user edits/deletes do not occur.  Seems like it might be related to a bad request.  Plugging this into the browser results in the following error:\'Q6UJ9A0026RP\')?_includeContent=false&select=Opportunity%2FExchangeRate%2COpportunity%2FExchangeRateCode%2CId%2C%24key%2CSort%2CProduct%2FName%2CProduct%2FFamily%2CProgram%2CPrice%2CDiscount%2CCalculatedPrice%2CQuantity%2CExtendedPrice&include=Opportunity%2CProduct&format=json&_t=1321978946323"

This is the response from that:

    "severity": "Error",
    "sdataCode": "ApplicationDiagnosis",
    "message": "Badly formed expression /'Q6UJ9A0026RP/' - unexpected char: '/'",


If I remove the foreslashes in front of the primary key of that record, the request sails through.


Any ideas why the request is getting escaped like that before it gets sent up and/or why it is not properly handled properly on the server side?  Thanks!


Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-22-2012

Re: Web Opportunity Products Issue v.7.5.4

I had the same issue (i.e. unable to delete Opportunity Product) and did not have WebDAV installed.

The solution was in this post by Kris Halsrud: