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TextBlob:Text => nText data type for database field.

I've got a custom process that feeds tickets filed on our web site into the SLX ticket system.  It has worked fine for ~4 years over various versions of SLX.  We recently launched in Japan and have moved the web database from using text() and varchar() to ntext and nvarchar().  I moved several fields in SLX from varchar() to nvarchar() without problem by making the change directly in SQL.  However when I recently changed TicketProblem.Notes from the SalesLogix Customer type TextBlob:Text to ntext() I get cast errors when creating a ticket.


I'm running 7.2.2.  I tried to profile the database while I got the error but couldn't match up what I was seeing in profiler and the simple bit of code that was being reported as the error.  I saw that 7.5.x lists full unicode support and was wondering if I can work around this in some way on 7.2.2 or should I just move to 7.5.x?

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Re: TextBlob:Text => nText data type for database field.

7.5.2 is your best bet. However it does not really do "full Unicode", it is "UniCode ready".


Also, There's no changes in the SalesLogix Windows Client to support Unicode. None of the controls in the Windows Client support UniCode and AFAIK there are no plans to do so.

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