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New Member
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Sync Headaches

SLX 7.5

Remote Office and Remote users.


On our remote office server, we keep seeing the message


"No changes are available to apply"


"Note: Some changes were not applied because you are waiting for 10 transaction files"


There is no information about how to deal with this on the Knowledgebase.


I have files held up in the Outfiles folder that haven't been synched in a week because of this.


Please help me understand about synching.



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Re: Sync Headaches

On the Support site (AFAIK) there's a white paper on sync. It's also taught in the SageU classes (admin, etc).


It's telling you there was a failure to "send" (or the RO to receive) all the (sequenced - base 36) TEFS. It's "asked" the main sync server/db to send the missing ones. They should be in the archive folder on the main. After three "full" sync cycles of not receiving them it will stop asking and "skip".


I suggest a re-cut of the RO db.


A - you don't say which verson SLX

B - you don't say how (ftp,http(s), or LAN) sync.


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Registered: ‎02-26-2010

Re: Sync Headaches

I will look for the White Paper. Thanks


I'm running SLX 7.5.0. I'm using the FTP sync transfer option.


I am really not wanting to recut a database, as this server is outside of the US, and this could be problematic.


When you cut a database, how come it doesn't carry over all records? I end up syncing all sorts of files after the fact.


I'd be more apt to recut it if I could carry over everything the first time, instead of syncing mass records after the fact.

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Re: Sync Headaches

Dear all


Synchronisation can be a real pain


If you only have little data missing like an account :

1.) Change the Owner of the account to a different (or dummy) team

2.) Save this setting in the client, plus Ctrl-F5

3.) Synchronize 3 times

4.) Change the Owner back to the original team.

5.) Synchronize 3 times

This will sync out the account again and you will be able to solve most of the issues with this.


If the differences are bigger it is realy a pain. There are tools like SQL Data Compare 8.1 but

you have to know exactly, what data you need to syncronize and what not. Very complex...


Then you can find the tool "GroupCopy.exe" in the SLX folder, but be aware that at the time you

are using it and you hit the "GO"-Button, you will lock the database completely.


Most od our customers seam to be more happy after they have stopped the synchronisation...


Best regards,

Lukas Richter

Ambit AG


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Registered: ‎04-28-2009

Re: Sync Headaches

When you decide to recut the remote office, make shure that you synchronize the attachments!

The attachment synchronisation is also quite buggy. You also can check this with the following

free tool...


Best regards,


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Registered: ‎02-26-2010

Re: Sync Headaches

So now the issue I'm having is that larger files (files over 2MB in size) are timing out when being received by the sync client.


"Failed to receive file. The operation timed out"


However, smaller files get through just fine.


I'm using Serv-U as the FTP software.