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Registered: ‎06-25-2013

Saleslogix v8 and slow Web Client Performance?

I am just wondering what the communities experience has been with SLX v8 and web client performance?


What tests have you run to check performance?

And more importantly what kind of things have you done to improve performance?


I know that having indexes on the database improves performance, but I believe in v8 there are already a number of indexes already created for you.


I also know the health of those indexes can degrade over time, but a fresh install of v8 should have healthy indexes, correct?


Has anyone created additional indexes to improve performance? If so has anyone shared those indexes with the community?


I also know that you can tweak some settings inside IIS like compression, and caching. Does this really help all that much? Are there any additional tweaks inside of IIS?


Any additional things to check and tweak?



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Re: Saleslogix v8 and slow Web Client Performance?

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A - If it's a fresh install of 8 w/a new (SLX provided db image).. then your index setup is (close to) being ok

B - Usually custom tables do not have the correct (SQL) index setup - requires SQL Server expertise)

C - ANY FK (Foreign Key) that is "bad" can kill performance.. Instantly - NO blanks.. must point to something real

D - You need to have a SQL Server "job" the runs "indexing - every night


.. I can go on.....

Sounds like you need a SLX SQL Server db "tune up".. we do this and have all the tools to strip out ALL indexes and build the right ones back. Drop a line!

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