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SalesLogix indexes

Thanks to a great posting by empath-e on optimizing indexes within databases that have been upgarded from previous versions I started looking through our own indexes since they have grown out of a 5.x database.  In rebuilding indexes I saw that Sage's approved index script "Sample MSSQL Indexes" calls for indexing the alternatekeysuffix and alternatekeyprefix fields in the Account and Contact table.  But in my database and I assume all other databases these fields are blank.  Is there a reason that they are adding an index for these non-used fields?


Just curious.




Ted Sturr

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Re: SalesLogix indexes

Nope.. don't bother.
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Re: SalesLogix indexes

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Hi Tedd


Thanks for your comments. No, these are "throw-backs" from the old Opis system. I don't recommend adding them - no need !





PS If anyone else needs this - it's here:


Generally, other useful stuff here too!


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