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Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎07-06-2010

SVN Build/Deployment Model Setup for Sage SalesLogix Web Dev/UAT/Prod Instances

I am trying to set up my organization's source control architecture for our Sage SalesLogix Web application. We are using SVN.

We have 3 servers, one dev, two for user acceptance testing, and two for production. Each environment has its own database.

We would like to keep the trunks orderly, but this can be difficult when managing the VFS in the way SalesLogix wants us to.

What I would like to do is this:


- Have all developers use the DEV installation instance of SalesLogix in App Arch.

- Deploy changes to local machines for local unit testing and review.

- When all development work is complete, create a bundle of all the changes in the proposed revision.

- One build manager installs the bundle on the UAT installation instance.

- Compile and deploy to UAT folders.

- On rejection, uninstall the bundle and reinstall after changes.

- On acceptance, do the same for Production servers, and commit changes.


While this means we have 3 VFS, it means we are only developing in one, which is, to me, the way to go.


Am I on the right track in my thinking?