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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

SLXWebDLL permissions for sData call from SLXMobile?

It's not in any manual I've seen....does someone have either a list of ALL of the permissions you MUST have for the SLXWebDLL user....or a way (Program?)  to compare two Windows Users permissions to find out the differences?


The Domain Admin works.....the SLXWebDLL user doesn't it must be one or 5 permissions that is granted the Domain God Admin and not the SLXWebDLL user through GPO, Local Policy, Group Inheritance, aspnet_regiis -ga etc.


Before you give me some standard  have the SLXWebDLL join Local Administrators and IIS_IUSRS group kind of response, this specific AD Domain didn't allow Batch Logins (that would be Type #4 for those in the know), which crashed the sData Application Pool with a WAS 5021 error. I don't see anywhere in any SLX document that states that the SLXWebDLL must have Batch Login permissions. The actual permission not being granted (or Denied through GPO) might be fairly obscure (the user can't execute programs that start with the letter S.....)


I realize that the list of permissions that are required by SalesLogix may be fairly extensive and fairly obvious....(the computer must be powered on, the user must have access to the computer they're logged into, the user must be able to access the processor for the SLX Web Host server).....


We've already  stumped three of the brightest at Sage SLX Support....



RJ Samp