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New Member
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Registered: ‎03-15-2012

SLX 752 remote - where the owner comes from, in the WhatsNew tabs ?



SLX 752 lan.


On the remote of the user ABC :

The WhatsNew opportunity tab says : OpportunityName = toto, Owner = Everybody.

This opportunity does not exist in this remote database (it's normal).


On the server :

The owner of this opportunity is not the remote user ABC, but an other remote user.

Each remote user synchronize all account he can access (no subscription rules).


Deleting whatsnew.TLG on the remote doesn't matter.


Note :

When the account of the opportunity has been created, his owner was "everyone".

The owner was then changed to the remote user ABC, the opportunity's owner too.


Question (s) :

Why does this opportunity still appears in the WhatsNew of the remote user (after deleting WhatsNew.TLG) ?

Where this "initial" owner comes from ?

Why the synchronization remember this "old" owner for the WhatsNew list, and look at the "real" owner to not synchronize the opportunity ?

If the WhatsNew grid indicates the initial owner of the opportunity, where is it registered ?

What makes Application.BasicFunctions.LogWhatsNewinsertAccount ? (no SQL impact ?)


Your ideas are welcome.


Francois LE BRAS