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Silver Contributor
Posts: 1,262
Registered: ‎04-08-2009

SLX 7.5 web reporting configuration tipp

Dear All,

I ran into this and whated to share this it may help you save a lot of time.


Here is what we did:

We installed slx web components.

We installed web reporting and deselected the option to create a new web site as we wanted to have webreporting running in the same site as our slxclient.

We also deployed the slxclient to c:\inetpub\slx not wwwroot.

AFter we deployed we tested everything and found, that the buttons in the report viewer had no images.

Also, when we tried to click on them (export print...), we received an error saying that the page can not be found.

I called support and they pointed me into the right direction.

They told us, that there may be a path issue.

The interesting question now was, which path.

I started to google a little and found that crystal puts some javascript into the aspnet_client folder which is located under c:\inetpub\wwwroot.

I then started up fillder and saw that the path which can not be found was localhost/aspnet_client....

So I was now able to see wht is going on.

And here is wht I did:

1. Change my base path for my SalesLogix website to c:\inetpub\slx

Copy the aspnet_client folder from c:\inetpub\wwwroot to c:\inetpub\slx

Restarted IIS.


Well and now it works.


So you always have to keep this in mind if you are not doing standard installation.



Silver Contributor
Posts: 1,262
Registered: ‎04-08-2009

Re: SLX 7.5 web reporting configuration tipp

There is something I forgot to mention:

To display the images for the buttons you need to have a virtual directory under your website where you deply the webreporting called CrystalReportsViewer115.

It should point to the same folder under aspnet_client\...