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Restrict Account Access to Account Manager?



We're on SLX 7.2.2 LAN.  The GM of our Americas Sales company has asked me to change our account security model.  Currently all accounts are owned by the team "AmericasSales", and everyone is a member of that team.  Our GM now wants the Sales Engineers (SEs) to see only their own accounts, and their managers to only see their direct reports' accounts.  


Our SEs are currently mainly Remote users, so we have been loosely controling their account access by their sync rules. However, we are moving more and more users to Citrix published applications, and if the users are directly on the host database, they will have access to all accounts. 


I was hoping for something simplier to manage than to make a new team for each of the 50 SEs, add only the SE and his manager to the team, and then set the account owner to the account manager's team.  Is there some other way to achieve this more elegantly?





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Re: Restrict Account Access to Account Manager?

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Yes.. a custom "Provider plugin" on security. We have done these before. 

We can write it in VB6, (pref) or C#.NET (don't like this)


ZERO vbscript/form changes involved and can be turned off/on via a simple SQL update to a single field in a single record in a table.

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