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Remote user keeps losing database connection Windows 7

I have installed SLX on a windows 7 64bit machine and it seems to work just fine.(7.5.4). After a day or so, he will get a database login failure.


I run the connection manager and test the connection and it succees. When going in to the ... for the login screen for the client and hit test, it fails. 


So, I pull the dropdown box for the server and I see the users computer name. I pull down the database box, and nothing is listed. 


Any thoughts as to why it keeps happening to this user? I have another windows 7 remote user and they do not have this issue at all. 

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Re: Remote user keeps losing database connection Windows 7

I have heard random reports of this happening but only on Windows7 remotes. I do know that Windows7 does not startup all its Windows services at once (by design) so that users get a quicker Windows login.

The next time this happens, try this:
   A – Start/Open the Task Manager
   B – click on the Process tab
   C – Locate SlxSystem.exe (*32 if on a 64 bit system)
   D – Select it and click on “End Process”

It should kill off and auto-restart (FYI.. SpeedSearch local depends on it but auto-restarts as well).

Try logging into SalesLogix again.


Blogged about this and a way to "fix it",

  Look at my January 2012 section:

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