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Bronze Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-08-2009

Record Count question

A customer asks why when clicking a contact on the Account Contact tab, the number of contacts on the Account is displayed for most Accounts, but not on certain Accounts.  


It looks like (on this database) when there are less than 250 contacts, the count is displayed.  More than 250, "No Records" is diplayed.   When I look in SLXProfilier, when there are less than 250, the secrights for all the contacts appear to be check.  When there are more than 250, only the contact clicked on is checked.


UseVCCS on this datagrid is unchecked.      Can anyone comment on this?

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Re: Record Count question

Yes, it’s deliberate. It can be changed here:

Look in the script System: SLX_Common:

Sub OpenMainViewFromGridCrntID(objGrid, strKeyField, strPlugin, intMode, blnExisting)
const MaxCount = 250 'ShowIDsAsLookupResult API call may fail for counts larger than this. The call creates an in clause with all of the
'requested ID's and at some point will be to large for the underlying db provider to handle

Modify this figure to be more – but observe warning…