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New Member
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Registered: ‎06-01-2010

Problem with Saleslogix 7.5.4 LAN

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After upgrading to Saleslogix  7.5.4 (from 7.2.x) one of our customers is reporting a lot of problems both with the LAN client and with the Outlook plugging.


They receive a lot of "Time out expired" on the Saleslogix LAN client and also a lot of errors of  "Error due to communication errors" on the Outlook plugin when using send SLX or record to history buttons.


They also report that Saleslogix LAN client is significantly slower that the one in the previous version.


They are using Windows XP SP3 on the client machines and SQL server 2005 as database server. Both saleslogix and SQL servers seems to work normally and they do not have CPU or network peaks on their respective monitoring graphs.


They are also  telling us that their network is ok and Saleslogix is the only application with connectivity problems.

Reinstaling Saleslogix LAN client do not solve the ploblem.

We will be gratefull if anyone could point us any ideas about how to solve these problems.


Best regards


Jordi Canton



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Re: Problem with Saleslogix 7.5.4 LAN

You are aware that the SLX to Outlook stuff in 7.5.4 uses Web Services, sData, and the Desktop Integration Manager......

RJ Samp