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Registered: ‎11-03-2009

Localization On LAN

We have an application that is bilingual (French-Canada and English).  We are upgrading our LAN system from 5.2 to 7.5 and most things worked well.  However, we ran into localization issues.  In 5.2 we had 2 language files (one that converted English to French and one that overwrote the existing terminology with other English text).  Now localization is tied to the user's regional settings and you can have multiple languages in the same file.  Even though the old method was not idea, it was more suitable for us as we would have one French citrix server and everyone who hit it saw French.  Now, what you see is geared to your regional setting.  The issues we are having are as follows:


1.  The decimal separator for French Canada is a , and it is causing our legacy code to treat this as a thousands separator (so 1,25 is being treated as 1,250).  We had this issue with 5.2 and changes the decimal separator in the language file to be a . and it worked fine.  So, we tried to to this with the new language file and have been unsuccessful.  We can change it in the language file, but, it still comes in as a , so we have the regional settings changed to use a .  This is not ideal as it will affect other apps. such as Excel, etc.  The localization toolkit shows France french as an option but not French Canada, so, I was able to change this using Language Manager 4, but, I wonder if there is a setting that I can not get to with that product.


2.  We are having issues localizing the SalesLogix calendar.  We have a French citrix server and when a user logs in we change their regional settings to be French Canada.  All works well except the SalesLogix calendar will be in the language specified in the original user's profile.  So, is there an area in the registry that this form uses to identify their language?  It seems to be different than the others.


Any help is greatly appreciated.