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LAN Memo Control update functionality please

[ Edited ]

1. If there is no data in the memo control, can't the scroll bars automatically be invisible.


2. if word wrapping is on, can't we automagically hide the horizontal scroll bars?


3. If word wrapping is off, and I have a huge line of data, can't the vertical scroll bar be hidden?


4. Sorry, but I was a MAC guru many decades ago.....Ctrl-A means select all in a control object. Ctrl-C, V, X all work, why not Ctrl-A

 in a memo control box? Even if HideSelection is set to false, a ctrl_A should 'select' all of the data in the .TEXT property to the clipboard......

probably should have an RMB option as well

......cut, copy, paste, select all


how about a CLEAR (Ctrl-B)


5. It would be nice to see a Ctrl-P option (Print)


6. It would be nice to see a Ctrl-E option (Extract to file...and user chooses the file name, folder location, type of extract).


Thanks for listening.





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RJ Samp