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Accepted Solution

How to work Delete Option in Cascade of Joins

Hi Everyone.


I've created one table called "c_activity_ext". This one have a relationship 1:1 with Activity Table. Saleslogix automatically created this relationship when the join is Left Outer in the parent table (Activity). Also this join have set Delete in Cascade Option and Always in Visible Option


Why when i completed a activity, the SalesLogix (7.2.2) just delete record in Activity Table and not delete associated record in c_activity_ext table?


I've already create c_activity_ext twice (delete and then back create this).


Pls, help me!!! 

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Re: How to work Delete Option in Cascade of Joins

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   When you customize Activity you should be changing the core Activity (and History) table - not adding a 1:1 table. Make sure you add the same field name/type to both tables and all works fine in SalesLogix.


Oh yes.. this is the incorrect forum for these type of posts - you should be posting to the:

   Sage SalesLogix Product Forum: Sage SalesLogix Product Discussions.



Could a moderator move this thread to the correct forum please?  - Thanks for the move!

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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 58
Registered: ‎05-05-2009

Re: How to work Delete Option in Cascade of Joins

Thanks RJLedger!


Sorry to put this message in incorrect forum.