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New Member
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Registered: ‎05-26-2011

Error when installing Web Host Hotfix 2 on SLX 7.5.3

I'm looking to see if anyone has any other thoughts into what might be causing this issue.


I've been trying to install Web Host Hot Fix 2 on 7.5.3 (still need to install 3 and 4 after that).


Hot Fix 1 installed with no issues, but I get the following error message when attempting to install Hot Fix 2:


"CreateProcess failed with error "The handle is invalid.""


This issue is listed in the setup guide, and I follow the steps by increasing the delay.  The instructions say to perform the following:


Updating the ShellSettings.ini file

If you encounter the following error during the installation of the Hot Fix, you will need to

update the ShellSettings.ini to complete the install.

“SalesLogix InstallShell: An error occurred in RunInstalls. CreateProcess failed with error

“The handle is invalid.”.”

Note This may occur on slower machines.

To Update the ShellSettings.ini

1. Navigate to the folder where you stored the hot fix files.

2. In the Config folder, double-click on ShellSettings.ini to open the file in NotePad.

3. Under [INSTALLSHELL], add DELAY={Seconds}. Default is 5 seconds.


Product = "SalesLogix"

ForHotFix = "TRUE"

ForServicePack = "FALSE"

ShellType = "Hot Fix"

ExtractContent = "FALSE"

Genre = "Web"

Patch = "VSWF, Admin"

BGImage = "Config\Shell.jpg"

CreateLogFiles = "FALSE"




4. Save and close the ShellSettings.ini.

5. In the folder where you stored the hot fix files, double-click on the InstalShell.exe to

restart the installation.

6. If you receive the error again, increase the DELAY by five seconds until you no longer


I'm not certain this is the correct fix for my issue as I am now at 240 seconds delay.

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Re: Error when installing Web Host Hotfix 2 on SLX 7.5.3

I think I have seen this on one of my servers with hf03.

What I did was to manually install each msp file. This worked fine and everything was working after all.

Hope this helps!



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Re: Error when installing Web Host Hotfix 2 on SLX 7.5.3

[ Edited ]

Hi Alex.


There are 7 msp files in there. Did you run them in any sequence? I note the naming of the files appears that it might be sequential? (E.g. I would assume you need to run SlxAdminL753HF01, 02, 02b before SlxAdminL753HF03 etc).


Also what does the delay do? Is this the time between each install? I set it to 1000 and was too impatient so now set it to 300 and just sitting here waiting for it now.


-- Looks like setting it to 300 still failed ... I timed it and from the moment I ran the install till the point it came up with the error "An error occured in RunInstalls etc", was about 11 minutes were 5 minutes was waiting for the error message to appear.




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Re: Error when installing Web Host Hotfix 2 on SLX 7.5.3

I had the same issue and no amount of delay fixed the installer. I can't remember exactly how I got around it though... maybe restart the machine, kill the web server and stop any SLX Services that are running?
Andy Freeman
TrellisPoint, LLC