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Accepted Solution

Deleting Contact wipes Ticket Contact

SLX Lan 7.2.1

I was surprised to see that deleting a Contact from an Account when they leave/quit causes their name to be removed from all their Tickets. We've found hundreds of Tickets with no trace of who called us for that incident. Is this normal behavior? I woudl have thought it  would leave the historical Contact name intact.

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Re: Deleting Contact wipes Ticket Contact

Only the ContactID is stored within the Ticket table, not the name - So once the Contact record has been deleted within the Contact table the link has gone.


It would be ideal if this option could be added to the 'Move Contact' Function along with History, Activities etc

Regards, Adam Travers
empath-e Services Limited
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Re: Deleting Contact wipes Ticket Contact

Contact ID is stored in Ticket, It would be better if you update contact status as "In Active"





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Re: Deleting Contact wipes Ticket Contact

yea, an irritation to be sure.....


History stores the CONTACTNAME and wipes out the ContactID when the contact is deleted for this similar situation.


The Ticket system was designed to point at existing/permanent Contacts/Accounts, etc.


We don't delete contacts that have a ticket, are on an Opportunity, etc....and run our own Integrity Checker routines, not many of the OOTB integrity checks.....


My suggestion would be to Add a CONTACTNAME field to Ticket, populate when the Contact is selected.


Restore an older backup of the database and see about 'repopulating' some of those deleted Ticket.ContactID ContactName fields that were cleared out.....

RJ Samp
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Re: Deleting Contact wipes Ticket Contact

Thanks for confirming my "worst fears". In my case, it's not too difficult (but it is time consuming) to recreate the Contact if needed. I'll use your suggestion and have my techs put the Contact name in the Description field.
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Re: Deleting Contact wipes Ticket Contact



So, how do you all deal with the issue of trying to keep your database up to date with only current contacts listed on the accounts while retaining the history for those contacts?  Moving or deleting the contact removes the contact from the history record but leaves the actual history record with no contact. That seems a bit half baked to me...... You'd want to be able to call a new contact at the account and say "I had sent Tony an email on the issue in March, but I know he is no longer with you" rather than "I had sent... ah... well I sent it to March, but I know that that person is no longer with you.....whoever they were....".


On accounts where there are only a few contacts leaving the contact is "inactive" seems liveable, but leaving dozens of contacts who are no longer with the account on the larger accounts is a bit messy.....


What is best practice?




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Re: Deleting Contact wipes Ticket Contact

The tickets missing the contact details is actually nothing compared to what I just dealt with. I just recently noticed that deleting the contacts that are the service contract contacts also deletes the service contracts from the system. The OOB join seems to cascade the delete down to the service contract.