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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Citrix \Terminal Server clamping down on an IE shell call from vbScript

For an SLX vbScript I'm using the Internet Explorer shell to copy a mass of tab delimited data to.....


Then I paste that data to Excel or MS great.....


In IE, if you go into the Security Options and turn off access to the clipboard and scripting in the Internet settings, you can shut this down Pronto.


so on individual user's machines, we allow the scipting and everything is fine.


Not so in Citrix there somewhere else to look? Maybe an overall Citrix 'Stop The Script' 'feature' that overrides the local users choice for lower Internet security???


here's the exact script if this will help:


        ''''put the string into the windows clipboard.
        DIM  oSHELL, objHTM
        set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
        Set objHTM = CreateObject("htmlfile")

        objHTM.ParentWindow.ClipboardData.SetData   "text", MText
        'paste it into Excel.
        SET oRegEXP     = NOTHING



RJ Samp