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Activities disappearing after upgrade to v7.5.3


    ftp sync

    multiple remote office servers (no individual remotes)


Did an upgrade from v6.2.6 to v7.5.3. All seemed just fine and then newly created Activities would "disappear" (actually deleted - not converted to History records).  Looking close, the User_Activity were  still there.


Now a new Windows 7 install (fresh SalesLogix not upgraded) did not do this. All the other systems are XP Pro sp3 and did have 6.2.6 on them. We have NOT installed the new Intellisync an ANY of the systems.


This is the first time I've seen this happen on an upgrade (and never on a fresh install). I'm suspecting that something in the client upgrade (followed the upgrade checklist to the letter) failed to remove/change "something". So at the moment, I'm going to have the customer to what I call a total "rip-out" (Uninstall everything Saleslogix related that shows up in add/remove pgms, go to the registry and delete all Saleslogix keys.. reboot.. and fresh install.).


A - Anyone else seen this issue?


B - Anyone else got an idea of what might be causing it?

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Re: Activities disappearing after upgrade to v7.5.3

No idea why, but I'm seeing the same thing in a 7.5.4 upgrade.  It's defect # 1-72920 and I would love to find a workaround to keep an irate customer happy

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Re: Activities disappearing after upgrade to v7.5.3

I don't think that Defect matches Don.  RJ states Intellisync is not installed/configured and the first step of that Defect is 'Make sure Intellisync is configured with the defaults including sync both ways'.

Full description of Don's defect is:  A new contact created in Outlook will not sync to SalesLogix and on the next sync it is removed from Outlook with custom entity added to Web Client.


Is it possible there's a typo in that Defect ID?

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Re: Activities disappearing after upgrade to v7.5.3

I wish. It is my old age. I completely mis-read his statement that Intellisync is NOT installed.