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Accepted Solution

Account OwnerShip for WebOnly User



I have created a webuser "lee" and when ever trying to create an account by using "Lee's" Login defaulty the account owner is becoming "Everyone". This is same as network user.But i am not able to change (infact owner filed is disabled) when ever i am creating the account. But if i change the default owner in user options as any other user then i can able to edit the owner field during account creation(in insert account form). But this is not in network user's case. If even though the default owner is every one i can able to change the owner during account creation(In Lan Version) in insert account form


 Any Suggestions please!






Vamsi Inguva






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Re: Account OwnerShip for WebOnly User

Owner and Manager are not the same thing.

Owner (Team in Admin) - determines visibility and security (if you are part of the team, you can see the account)

Manager - just indicates who manages acc/con


When you create an account/contact the owner is set to the user option default. The mgr is set to you.

If you change options to change the default owner there's a real possibility that you will create a new account that you can't see (as you aren't in the team). So, you keep creating it!


If you create a contact - there's no concept of owner as that's inherited by the account - therefore, no need/ability to change. If you cannot change the team it's either because this is a contact - or you are not the primary team owner for the team.


So, all normal behaviour.




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Re: Account OwnerShip for WebOnly User

Mike is correct. If you have decided to completely remove all security and just want to set this field on creation so it could be used for sorting you can use the business rules or workflow tools in SLX. Both will allow you to make changes to records after they have been created.

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