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Accepted Solution

Account - Merge Records EOLeException



I am trying to merge two accounts in SalesLogix and I am getting the following error message.  


Message box title:  Function had an error...


Error Message: 

An unusual error has occurred when executing MainView: DupMerge.  Contact your system administrator.  0x1 @0: Function MainView: DupMerge Exception:

Exception EOLeException:

Multiple-Step OLE DB operation generated errors.  Check each OLE DB status value, if available.  No work was done.


Exception location:



 Has anyone seen this error before and know what could be causing the issue?  Also, any ideas on how to 'Check each OLE DB status value' or what it means?


We are using SalesLogix 7.5 SP1 (


Thanks for the help,



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Re: Account - Merge Records EOLeException

The KB says to check for bad joins.  That problem has been around a while. 
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Re: Account - Merge Records EOLeException

Thanks for the help.


For future reference the KB resolution id is 462021